Requesting a 7Red Casino Close Account Transaction

As simple and easy as the process of opening an account with 7Red Casino, initiating a 7Red Casino Close Account procedure was designed with simplicity and convenience as priorities, as well. Nonetheless, depending on circumstances, sometimes it is 7Red Casino itself who initiates the closure or termination of a players’ account.

Initiating the account closure transaction
If ever you’re planning to start a 7Red Casino Close Account transaction, you should first contact the 7Red Casino Support team and tell them about it. Basically, what you have to do is to file a formal request, thus you have to put the account closure request on writing.

The support staff of 7Red Casino can be contacted via three (3) ways:

  • Via Email
  • Via Phone
  • Via Live Chat

However, for this particular 7Red Casino close account request, we suggest that you use the Email medium. This is because your dealings with 7Red Casino regarding this particular transaction would be better documented if email is used. This is actually for the protection of both parties – for 7Red Casino, and more so for you dear player.

To initiate the 7Red Casino Close Account transaction, write an email to 7Red Casino, using the “Contact Us” web forms. State clearly your purpose, and why you wish to terminate your 7Red Casino account. If you weren’t satisfied with our services, state it so, or if you have some unresolved issues with our online casino, state it so too, or even if it’s just simple reasons like you’re tired of playing 7Red Casino Games or at other online casinos and you don’t plan on playing any longer, then please state it so too. Also, please take note that you can readily start this procedure on the 7Red Casino Mobile platform and on the desktop version as well.

Nevertheless, if you’re considering filing a 7Red Casino Close Account due to mundane reasons, think again, because you’d be missing out on a lot. Not to mention the awesome and one of a kind 7Red Casino Bonus system, and the cool 7Red Casino games, this online casino give players plenty of benefits that could never be found in other casinos.

If you have queries or misgivings about our services, please open them to us, contact us anytime, and we’d be glad to discuss them with you.

Last updated on February 10, 2023