Filing a Magic Red Casino Close Account Request is a Bad Idea

As much as we respect the personal wishes of each of our dear players, we have arranged it so that you can easily file for a Magic Red Casino close account request. Just like when you open account with Magic Red Casino, we have made it very convenient for you.

Making a close account request

As the name of the procedure implies, doing the Magic Red Casino close account process cannot be done by yourself or by any of the players just by themselves – you need to make a request to the Magic Red Casino Support team. Follow the basic outline below if you need guidance regarding this matter:

  1. Contact customer service – Firstly, you have to file your request to the customer support team. You can do this via four mediums: live chat, email, phone, or traditional mail. Among those mediums, we suggest that you file your Magic Red Casino close account request via Email, so the process would be well documented. This will prove beneficial both to you and Magic Red Casino. This will ensure that there is full transparency between our dealings. Compose a concise and succinct email about your request to close account, and cite some solid reasons as to why you’ve decided to do so.
  2. Wait for our reply – After you make your request, allow us some processing time, to double check the circumstances and reasons you have stated, and to check the status of your account with Magic Red Casino.
  3. Exit survey – When everything has been checked and all is okay, a representative from our Magic Red Customer support team will ask you some questions regarding your experiences with our online casino. We do this so we could improve our services, and to possibly change your mind about leaving.

Before you press that “Send” button to file a Magic Red Casino close account request, we suggest that you think about it again. Think about the awesome Magic Red Casino promotions and bonuses you’d miss. Think about the remarkably efficient Magic Red Casino Mobile platform. You won’t find these elsewhere; that’s a given.

If you have any misgivings about our service, contact us and we will do our best to satisfy your needs. Contact us today.

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Last updated on February 10, 2023