Wizard of Oz Slot

One of the most beloved movies of all time is the Wizard of Oz. In this movie a young girl named Dorothy gets swept away by a hurricane and transported to a magical land called Oz. She must find her way back home but before she does that she meets three new friends and fight with an evil witch. This classic movie has inspired many kinds of slot games to be made with the Wizard of Oz theme.

The Wizard of Oz slot game is based on the actual movie. It features 5 reels and 30 pay lines. The symbols used in the game include pictures of the lead actress Judy Garland, the actual photos of her Oz friends and the Wicked Witch. Other notable elements of the movie like the Emerald City, Dorothy’s Ruby Shoes and her pet Toto were also made into symbols used in the reels.

Glinda the Good Witch

One of the great things about the Wizard of Oz casino game is that it has a lot of bonus games and prizes. One of those bonuses in the game is provided for by Glinda the Good Witch. While you are spinning the wheel, Glinda would appear at random moments and wave her magic wand to change the symbols on one of the reels into the Wild symbol. This increases your chance to get a winning combination.

Road to the Emerald City

The bonus feature Road to the Emerald City is the most exciting feature of this game. The first part of this feature will ask you to choose from 30 floating emeralds with the Yellow Brick Road on the background. From these 30 emeralds you can win credits and more. If you happen to pick an emerald with Dorothy, the Tin Woodsman, the Lion and the Scarecrow, you will be directed to another featured game where you can win even more prizes. You will then take that character with you on your journey to the Emerald City. The more characters you are able to uncover, the bigger your prize will be once you reach the Emerald City.

The Wizard of Oz game is one of the most exciting and well-loved slots game. The many bonus features and many chances of winning make it a popular game among online casino players.