Replenish Game Funds Using Red Queen Casino MasterCard

As the Red Queen Casino puts the convenience of its players and customers as the number 1 priority, we have also added support for Red Queen Casino MasterCard transactions. Similar to Red Queen Casino VISA, Mastercard is also one of the forerunners and long-time stalwarts in the multinational financial services industry.


Using your Mastercard in Red Queen Casino
Even though you can use your Red Queen Casino Mastercard here to make deposits, certain restrictions apply. As such, cash refunds cannot be done thru Mastercard, and thus Red Queen Casino withdraw transactions cannot be processed by us at this time. Also, please note that the Mastercard’s Maestro Debit card is not a viable payment method for Red Queen Casino banking transactions.

Restricted as it is, we will still offer you ways to maximise your Mastercard at Red Queen Casino. Thus, if you still want to utilize your Red Queen Casino Mastercard as your main source of gaming funds, we could recommend an alternative means to you. This involves the use of Red Queen Casino Neteller, or Red Queen Casino Skrill. All you have to do is to create a Neteller or Skrill account, and then register your active Mastercard as the money source for that Neteller/Skrill account.

Yes, it would involve some additional steps, but not to worry, it is just a simple procedure. After you’ve successfully setup your Red Queen Casino Mastercard, we promise you that your gaming sessions will be hassle-free, including all of your Red Queen Casino Banking transactions – be it deposits or withdrawals.

Contacting Support
As an avid player in Red Queen Casino, your convenience is most definitely our pleasure. Please feel free to contact us anytime, in case you need assistance. Contact our Red Queen Casino Support team if you are having difficulties with your Red Queen Casino Banking transactions, including matters pertaining to your Red Queen Casino Mastercard.

Last updated on February 10, 2023