Red Queen Casino Scam Cases are Unheard Of

If you’re going to ask us, what makes the best online casino, really the “best”? How do we define the best? Do we grade them in terms of the number of games offered, or the amount of welcome bonuses? For us here at Red Queen Casino, it is a matter of trustworthiness – of reliability.

This is because everything is for naught, if even just one rumour of a Red Queen casino scam case is reported. And that’s where we pride ourselves in – we can wholeheartedly say that you can put your 100% confidence in us.

Why Trust Red Queen Casino?

First and foremost, the Red Queen Casino is fully licensed and regulated under the UK Gambling Commission. And this is primarily why you wouldn’t find any Red Queen Casino scam cases or even just a shadow of a rumour; because the moment you do so, the Gambling Commission will investigate and shut us down.

Well, let’s be honest here, what if someone filed a scam report against us, but we got acquitted from the allegation? Yes, we’re off the hook, but that pristine image will never be the same again.

We absolutely do not want that. Therefore, we take care of our image and reputation very well, and we make sure there is full transparency and honesty between us and our dear players.

Red stands for Fairness

As mentioned above, we carry our reputation around like a new-born babe – with utmost care. We’d very much like our Red Queen to stay RED, with neither hints nor blots of blues or greens or whatever other colour.

In the name of fairness and transparency, all of Red Queen Casino games including Red Queen Casino mobile, have published betting information in their respective pages such as Min/Max State, Max Payout, Volatility, Churn, and RTP (return-to-player).

So as you can see neither a hint nor a whiff of a Red Queen Casino scam can be found here, or in other Red Queen Casino review commentaries.

If you have any other queries regarding our policies related to fair and responsible gaming, please contact Red Queen Casino Support.

Last updated on February 10, 2023