How to Request for Vegas Red Casino Close Account

Being an online casino player is highly pleasurable and can be profitable too; however there are instances that players have to move on to another activity, and eventually close their account with their online casino. Nevertheless, there are some shady online casinos out there, where people usually have trouble in closing or terminating their accounts.

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We respect your wishes
Rest assured though, that Vegas Red casino is not one of them. One of our main objectives is to provide player satisfaction, thus we shall undoubtedly respect your wishes. You can readily close or end your subscription with us, anytime you choose; but please be aware that we have procedures to follow in doing this as well. Do not worry though, because it is an easy process and hassle-free.

Keeping in touch with our Support team
Doing the Vegas Red casino close account procedure is an easy and straightforward process, just like when you’ve done the open account with Vegas Red casino. To start with, the first thing you have to do is contact our Vegas Red Casino Support group, and inform us of your request to close your account.

You can contact us thru three (3) ways – via phone, email, or by fax. However, we recommend contacting us via email, so a quick and prompt response regarding your issue could be obtained. You can send us an email anytime at [email protected].

Nonetheless, please be prepared to answer some questions when our Support team finally gets in touch with you. These are only basic questions, mind you, such as why you want to deactivate your account; whether you would like to close it permanently, or just deactivate temporarily; if temporarily, for how long, and other rudimentary questions. The support staff will also inform you of the terms and conditions involved in implementing the Vegas Red casino close account.

After that, you will receive confirmation via email as well, together with specific information about your request, and the terms and conditions that go with it.

Uninstalling the software
After successfully deactivating your account, it would be up to you to whether you’d like to uninstall the Vegas Red Casino Download software or not. We recommend that you keep the application though, especially if you still plan to play later on, or if you change your mind.