7Red Casino Game Feature: Good Girl Bad Girl Jackpot

Zapping the very core of online casino gaming back to the basics, the 7Red Casino games have instigated an upheaval. With more than 200 games under its name, we can’t exactly say this casino has numerous games, and we can’t say it has insufficient games either; so let’s just say 7Red Casino has just the RIGHT number. Moreover, it has the RIGHT type of titles as well, such as the 7Red Casino Game Feature now: the Good Girl Bad Girl Jackpot. This game is a progressive jackpot slot game with innovative features never seen before in the industry. Let’s find out more about this online slot, shall we?

Game Features

Upon hearing this game’s title, our first impression was – “Oohh another of those ‘slutty’ games again? Oh well, let’s just play it and get it over with, for the review’s sake!” But, my, my! Weren’t we surprised when we fired up the Good Girl Bad Girl Jackpot game on our gaming rig, on top of the 7Red Casino No-Download platform; and it’s a pleasant surprise at that.

Firstly, we would like to point out that this 7Red Casino Slots game looks MARVELLOUS. In our opinion, Betsoft is certainly the best at what they do – producing high definition 3D graphics.

Anyway, what we loved best about Good Girl Bad Girl Jackpot was its innovative major feature: the opportunity to tweak the game volatility to the player’s liking. If you hadn’t thought of it possible, well, Betsoft certainly pulled it off with this one.

  • The Good Girl: if you choose the Good side, then you would be tweaking game volatility to the lower levels. This means that you would be experiencing less risk in this mode, but lower winnings too. Perhaps you could squeeze some more out of that lower payout rate with some juicy 7Red Casino bonuses.
  • The Bad Girl: Upon choosing the Bad Side, you would then be tweaking the game variance to higher levels; meaning you would get higher winnings, but higher risk. Again, you could tone the losses down with some wisely placed and chosen 7Red Casino promos on the side.

Ups and Downs

As with all games, fantastic as it may be, there are certain downsides in Good Girl Bad Girl Jackpot as well. Yes, its graphics and sounds are top notch, but this might present some connection and lag problems to some players, especially those who have poor signal or connection to the Web. Nevertheless, in our experience, this game is highly optimised for the 7Red Casino Mobile app. We tried it on both Android and iOS, and it played superbly. There was minimal lag even if our data signal dropped to mediocre levels.

Despite some minor quirks, Good Girl Bad Girl is a highly recommended RedSlot Casino Game! PLAY on 7Red Casino NOW!

Last updated on February 10, 2023