Discover the perks of the Redkings casino vip

Casino Redkings provides players with many reasons to sign up for real money account and play the games they offer. Once you become a member, you discover all the advantages of playing your favorite games at this casino. The gambling operator goes a step further and runs the Redkings casino vip program to reward the most dedicated customers. This is essentially a loyalty scheme that is designed as a ladder that players climb each time they bet real cash and earn loyalty points.

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Check out the VIP Club Levels and Deals

There are no restrictions for players who want to join the Redkings casino vip program and all their members qualify. New players enjoy the same terms as veterans and anyone who plays their games on cash accumulate loyalty points. Meanwhile, players can apply for bonuses and sign up for any of the existing promotions. Because these offers and the loyalty program are not mutually exclusive and players can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Everyone starts as a bronze player and upgrades his or her accounts to silver, gold, platinum and diamond. At the top of the food chain are the most committed players who spend more time and larger amounts gambling. These have a chance at becoming Red Diamond members and enjoy all the perks associated to this position. Elite members benefit from higher deposit limits and faster payouts as well as the assistance of a dedicated account manager. They can sign up for exclusive promos and redeem special bonus codes.

How do you earn VIP Points?

A real money account is obviously needed so the first step is to sign up for one at casino red kings and make your first deposit. Regardless of how successful they were in clearing the welcome bonus, players will be automatically enrolled in the Redkings casino vip program. The next step is to start playing any of the redkings online casino games available on desktop computers or mobile devices.

While all the games in their offer qualify, VIP points are earned at a different ratio based on genre. Slots are the most effective as you only need to bet 20 currency units for one point. Roulette and baccarat require 80 currency units for the same VIP point.

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