RedSlots Casino Game Feature: Good Girl Bad Girl Slot

RedSlots Casino Good Girl Bad Girl game

Blasting the very definitions of online casino gaming to its foundations, the RedSlots Casino games have initiated a revolution. RedSlots Casino is well-known for its games portfolio – not too many, and not too few, just the RIGHT amount. What’s so great about it is that it has the RIGHT kind of games as well, such as our current RedSlots Casino Game Feature: the Good Girl Bad Girl Slot. Its title implies a certain kind of mystique and appeal, yes? Let’s find out more about this online slot:

Good Girl Bad Girl Slot Game Features

When we heard about this game’s title, what came to mind was – “What? Another video slot game, again?! Okay, let’s just get this over with; we have a review to write!” However, weren’t we surprised when we loaded the Good Girl Bad Girl Slot game on our PC, via the RedSlots Casino No-Download system! Let us reiterate that it’s such a pleasant surprise!

Foremost, we would like to say that this RedSlots Casino Slots game looks TERRIFIC. In our humble opinion, Betsoft is definitely the industry leader when it comes to visuals and producing high definition 3D graphics. Safe to say, the only competitor of theirs that could come close to sheer graphics quality would be Net Entertainment. But that’s just our opinion, eh? Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so they say.

Anyhow, what we liked best about the Good Girl Bad Girl Slot is its inventive major feature: the power to adjust the game’s volatility. If you thought it wasn’t possible before, then Betsoft surely pulled a major against you this time around.

  • Good Girl Mode (low risk, low volatility): When you choose the Good Girl, then you would be adjusting the volatility of the reels to lower levels. This means that you would play with less risk in this mode, yet you would get lower winnings too. Nevertheless, you could make the most out of that reduced payout rate with some RedSlots Casino bonuses.
  • Bad Girl Mode (high risk, high volatility): On the other hand, when you choose the Bad Girl, you would then be adjusting the volatility to higher rates; meaning you are bound to get higher winnings, yet higher rate of risk. Even so, you could smoothen down some of the losses with wisely chosen and played RedSlots Casino promos with your game session.

Good Girl Bad Girl Slot Game Highs and Lows

As with most video games, incredible as it may be, Good Girl Bad Girl Slot also possesses some minor shortcomings. Aye, its visuals and audio features are first-rate, but this great feature itself might cause some network problems to several players, especially those who have low data signal or slow connection to the Internet. Nonetheless, in our trials, this game is well optimised for the RedSlots Casino Mobile platform.

For what it’s worth, Good Girl Bad Girl is currently our most recommended RedSlot Casino Game! Play it on RedSlots Casino TODAY!

Last updated: 29 Feb, 2024