Make You Rich Slot: An Asian Gem by Dragon Gaming

Graphic shows the main character and logo of Make You Rich Slot.

Slots enthusiasts, I recently embarked on an electrifying journey with the Make You Rich Slot, and boy, was it worth every spin! Developed by the revolutionary Dragon Gaming, this Asian-themed slot promises not only an immersive experience but also golden opportunities to boost your bankroll. But does it truly live up to its name? Let’s dive in.

Understanding the Make You Rich Slot

Slot gaming, at its heart, is about the thrill of anticipation. As I loaded up the Make You Rich Slot, the first thing to strike me was its distinct Asian aesthetics. Think celestial skies, gold-plated temples, and mountain backdrops. Released on June 30, 2022, the game was an immediate magnet for my undivided attention.

Key Features

🎰 Layout: A neat 3×3 grid

💰 Betting Range: From a mere €0.05 up to a daring €100 per spin.

📈 Paylines: 5 fixed

🔄 Reel Type: Spinning Reel

💸 Maximum Win: A lavish 750x your wager.

📉 RTP: 94%

Theme Graphics and Design

In the celestial realm, Caishen, the god of wealth, descends from the skies to guide players on their path to riches. Luck is their ally as they collect unfathomable prizes.

The game’s backdrop features a magnificent gold-plated temple high in the mountains. Chinese dragons coil around the columns, adding to the mystical atmosphere. These symbols—Caishen, the Abacus, the Key, the Aladdin-like ingot, and the Lantern—immerse players in traditional Chinese culture, making their exploration exciting and enjoyable.


Make You Rich slot doesn’t overwhelm with flashy animations or convoluted paylines. Instead, it embraces elegant minimalism. Here’s the lowdown:

Ingot Collector: As you spin those reels, watch the Ingot Collector on the left. Each winning spin adds an ingot to its hallowed slots. Three ingots, and you’re ushered into the bonus round—a realm where wins multiply fivefold. Yes, you read that correctly: fivefold.

Symbols of Abundance: The grid houses only six symbols, each resonating with prosperity. From golden coins to jade dragons, every spin holds promise. And when the auspicious symbols align, the universe nods in approval.

Graphic shows the gameplay of Make You Rich Slot.

Bonus Features

Caishen’s Blessings: Spin with reverence, for Caishen’s blessings flow through the reels. His benevolence isn’t mere folklore; it’s tangible riches.

Mega Spins: The bonus round isn’t just a formality. It’s a gateway to mega spins, where fortunes swell like monsoons.

Bonus Buy: Impatient? Fear not. The Bonus Buy feature lets you skip the cosmic formalities and dive straight into the heart of wealth.

How to Play

Let’s break down the Make You Rich slot game rules into simple steps that both experienced players and newcomers can follow:

1. Game Initiation: Once the slot machine finishes loading, the game begins. You are greeted with an enticing Asian-themed backdrop, featuring a gold-plated temple and the benevolent god of wealth, Caishen. The serene sounds of the ancient Orient accompany the gameplay.

2. Placing Bets: You can adjust your bets before spinning the reels. The betting range is flexible, spanning from 0.05 to 100 credits. Choose your desired bet amount by clicking or tapping on the relevant buttons.

3. Spinning the Reels: Click or tap the “Start” button to set the reels in motion. The game features a 3×3 grid with five active paylines. The symbols will spin, and anticipation builds as they settle into place.

4. Winning Combinations:

The objective is to match symbols across the grid. When multiple paylines align with winning combinations, players receive payouts. The payout corresponds to the largest winning amount achieved.

5. Ingot Collector and Mega Spins:

After a successful spin, an ingot is added to the Ingot Collector (located on the left side of the screen).

The collector has three slots. Accumulate three consecutive wins to fill the Ingot Collector. This unlocks the exciting Mega Spins feature.

During Mega Spins, the same rules apply, but symbols are enhanced and worth five times their regular value. Mega Spins consist of five consecutive spins.

6. User-Friendly Controls:

The control panel is intuitive and easy to navigate.

Look for the “+” button next to the “Start” button.

Clicking this button opens the settings menu, where players can:

  • Adjust their bets.
  • opt for auto-spins.
  • Toggle the turbo mode on or off.

Remember, the path to riches lies in the spinning reels, and the benevolent Caishen might just favor you with fortune! Good luck and may the ingots multiply!

Strategies for Winning

The age-old question: how to win? First and foremost, understanding the game is paramount. Play the demo, get a feel, and maybe employ the Bonus Buy feature for those alluring Mega Spins. Remember, while slots are about luck, they’re also about strategy and patience.

Let’s explore some effective strategies for winning in the Make You Rich slot game:

Ingot Collector Focus. Keep an eye on the Ingot Collector. Accumulating three consecutive wins fills it up and triggers the Mega Spins feature. Mega Spins enhance symbol values, potentially leading to bigger payouts.

Bet Wisely. Adjust your bets thoughtfully. Consider your bankroll and risk tolerance. While higher bets can yield larger rewards, they also increase the risk.

Patience Pays Off. Slot games are based on random chance. Be patient and enjoy the gameplay. Don’t chase losses or get frustrated during losing streaks.

Understand Symbol Values. Familiarize yourself with the payout values of different symbols. Some symbols may offer better rewards than others.

Turbo Mode and Auto-Spins. Use the turbo mode strategically. It speeds up the game but can also deplete your balance quickly. Auto-spins allow you to sit back and watch the action unfold automatically.

Play Responsibly. Set limits on your playtime and budget. Remember that gambling should be for entertainment, not a guaranteed income source.

Where to Play Make You Rich Slot

To immerse yourself in this Asian spectacle, visit reputable online casinos that proudly host Dragon Gaming creations. Here are a couple of casino platforms that are my favorite go to when playing Make You Rich slot, Red Dog Casino and Red Stag Casino.

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History and Development

Dragon Gaming, founded in 2019, quickly soared to stellar heights in the iGaming arena. Their audacious approach to slot development, as evident in Make You Rich, consistently shatters the status quo.

Year Launched2022
Game DeveloperDragon Gaming
Reel TypeSpinning Reel
Paylines5 fixed
Betting Range0.05 up t0 100
Max Payout750x your bet
Bonus RoundYes
Jackpot TypeNormal (Non-progressive)

The Verdict

The Make You Rich slot, while not a sequel to any game, carries Dragon Gaming’s distinctive imprint of innovation. With an RTP of 94%, it strikes a fine balance between risk and reward. For those unfamiliar, RTP (Return to Player) indicates the percentage of total money wagered that a slot will pay back over time; higher is usually better.

While I missed the thrill of free spins, the Bonus Buy made up for it, offering a unique avenue to amplify wins. All in all, if you’re in the mood for a medium volatility slot with an Asian twist, this might just be your golden ticket!


What is the RTP of Make You Rich Slot?

The Return to Player (RTP) for Make You Rich Slot is 94%.

Does the Make You Rich Slot offer free spins?

No, this game doesn’t offer free spins, but it compensates with its Bonus Buy feature.

Who developed the Make You Rich Slot?

Dragon Gaming, a renowned developer in the iGaming industry, crafted this game.

Is there an Auto-spin feature in the Make You Rich Slot?

Yes, players can enable Auto-spins for automatic spinning of the game’s reels.

How many paylines does Make You Rich Slot have?

The slot offers a 3×3 grid layout with 5 fixed paylines.

What’s the maximum potential win in the game?

Players can win up to 750x their wager.

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Last updated: 25 Jan, 2024