Red Queen Casino Support – Providing the Best Service

Fulfilling our promise and commitment to provide the best online casino experience to our players and customers, the Red Queen Casino Support team will cater to your needs 24/7. Red Queen Casino is quite well-known when it comes to the quality of its customer service, thus we will do the best we can to uphold our reputation.

Quick access to help information

The Red Queen Casino support system is not only about answering calls, mails, and live chats; it is a help system that focuses on intuitiveness. This means that you we aim to provide clear and accurate information to our players and clients, before they even ask the questions. For instance, this is readily integrated in our Red Queen casino games. When you click and choose a game to play, and then you get directed to the game’s page, you will readily see various relevant information about this game, including:

  • Minimum and Maximum Stake;
  • Maximum Payout;
  • Volatility;
  • Churn;
  • Loyalty; and
  • RTP (Return to Player)

If you are a newbie in the online casino gaming world, the basic definitions of those jargons mentioned above are also provided. To see the definitions, just hover your mouse over the “i” symbol beside the element or jargon word, and then the tooltip text information for that particular term will appear.

Additionally, help information regarding how-to’s, game mechanics, and rules are available in-game as well. If you need this information, just open the game, and look for the “i” symbol again (it stands for “Information”) and click it, and then the additional help information will be shown in the game screen.

Also, we placed some fun trivia material in all of the Red Queen Casino games. This will pop up in the upper left hand side of the game page you open.

How to reach us

The Red Queen Casino Support crew can be reached via email, phone, traditional mail (snail mail), or live chat. If you have any questions regarding Red Queen Casino, feel free to contact us. We recommend using the live chat feature for instant replies; however take note that our support agents for the live chat are online on UK regular business hours, from 9AM up to 5PM GMT (Mondays to Fridays). All of these options are also available thru Red Queen Casino Mobile.

Last updated on February 10, 2023