Get Lucky with Vegas Red Casino’s Bonus and many more!

Vegas Red Casino is widely known for its generosity towards its players– from welcome bonuses, to new registration bonus, to Loyalty points system, to refer-a-friend bonus points, and even VIP and high-roller packages. From the get-go, you’re a sure winner in our online casino.

First Sign-Up Bonus
When you first sign-up for a real-money account, you get a Vegas Red Casino bonus worth €10. Yes that’s right folks; that’s €10 right off-the-bat, and ready for some online casino action.

€888 Bonus Packages
After you make your first Vegas Red Casino deposit, you can get a 100% bonus of up to €200! What’s more is that if you deposit more than €200, we will match your stake with us with another €22 bonus (on top of that initial €200, so yes that’s €222 total).

That’s only for you first deposit though, because on your second deposit, you will get another 25% bonus, again up to €200. Similar to the first bonus, you can also get an additional €22 bonus if you deposit more than €800.

On your third deposit, you get another bonus again, worth 50%, up to €200 as well. The €22 extra bonus also applies here, if you deposit more than €400. But no, we’re not done yet, because on your fourth deposit, your bonus climbs back up to 100%, for another €200! The extra €22 bonus won’t be missed here as well, and you can get it if you deposit a minimum of €200.

Additionally, these welcome bonuses ramp up if you make your initial deposit as a high-roller or VIP. Make an initial deposit worth €1600 and get that €888 bonus in full, right away!

Referral Bonus
Aside from camaraderie, inviting and playing Vegas Red Casino games with your friends can be financially rewarding too! Share the wealth and fun by inviting a friend to sign-up for a new account with us, and get €50 as a token of our gratitude. Your friend won’t be forgotten, not to worry, because he/she will also get a bonus worth €25. You can invite up to five (5) friends, and get a whopping bonus of €250!

Last updated on February 9, 2023